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This unapologetically self-promotional site contains samples of artwork, commercial and non-commercial design and project documentation. Look, enjoy, and, especially if you are in the market for a unique talent, let me know.


A recent but not-quite-up-to-date-without-my-latest-greatest-project PDF of work samples can be downloaded from this link.
Work relating to BAAT and Reverb for Revit, acoustic analysis tools, can be found at this website.

  • Pancu Residence

    Signature Stair and Feature Wall with Nastasi Architects.
    As Lead Designer and Project Coordinator, I developed the overall design and coordinated the largely digital construction effort. Highlights of the project include: cantilevered design, composite structural elements, custom lighting, CNC carved oak treads and stanchion-less handrail design.


  • East 2nd Street

    CNC-Carved Cherry Handrail components for an Artist's Residence.
    Larry Beddall, contractor, with a variety of talented folks.

  • biomimetic paddle

    Research-based, parametric and fabrication study in bio-mimetic design for human-powered boating. The protoype was fabricated in carbon fibre and is currently undergoing physical testing.




  • Grasshopper

    Grasshopper-based projects.

  • Instant Park

    A year long investigation of triangles or the interogation of an original concept for rapidly-deployable park infrastructure through the interplay of physical and digital prototyping.

  • The Colbert Report Set

    Speculative set design sketches presented along side pitch materials for a new HD Show Open and Graphics Package

  • PS1 Revisited

    Inspired by the MOS Architects ambitious environmental goals at PS1 I created my own environmental design critieria, based on stack effect, and an installation to fulfill it called Christmas in July.

  • PS1 Environmental Analysis

    Environmental analysis completed for MOS Architects's Afterparty winner of the 2009 PS1 Young Architect's Program. A student team, myself and two others, were given the opportunity to validate and optimize this summer's installation for environmental performance.

  • Pier 66 Boathouse

    Design, and documentation of the build out, for the boathouse interior at Pier 66, Hudson River Park, NYC. Plus, I designed the logo too.

  • Drawings and Sketches

    Samples of conceptual sketches, illustrations and construction documents.