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This unapologetically self-promotional site contains samples of artwork, commercial and non-commercial design and project documentation. Look, enjoy, and, especially if you are in the market for a unique talent, let me know.


A series of episodic videos developed for the NY/NJ DOT and USCG Sector NY targetting the recreational boaters of New York Harbor.
The series was produced by Ray Fusco, written, shot and directed by Jeff Folmsbee in partnership with production company River Grizzly.
The whole series, which is excellent, can be seen here.

I illustrated a few key points, like the simulated crash of a cargo ship in front of the Statue of Liberty, for the episode "The Pilots".
Additional animation for the PSAs which were on-air in NYC and NJ at the launch of the campaign. All animations were done in
Cinema 4D with plenty of 2D pre and post-processing.