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This unapologetically self-promotional site contains samples of artwork, commercial and non-commercial design and project documentation. Look, enjoy, and, especially if you are in the market for a unique talent, let me know.


This documentary, by Roger Weisberg and Vanessa Roth, looks at the multiple-homicide trial of Juan Chavez and contrasts his life with that of one of his victims, herself the recent subject of a documentary video by Roth.

The film makes extensive use of crime scene and morgue photography due to the violent nature of the crimes involved. The creative challenge was to execute the graphics in keeping with that harsh realism but with an obvious artistry and sense of design. I did so by utilizing hand-crafted elements, rack focus and depth of field effects and repurposing of the courtroom sketches wherever possible.

The package I created included title design, typography, packaging and over a 100 animated elements, including a number of illustrated multi-plane courtroom scenes, and extensive Photoshop work.